Consulting & Management Services

Let’s work smarter not harder – TOGETHER!

If it is time to launch your start-up or a change in how you conduct business, it is time to reach out to ASI! Our staff can develop a plan on how to meet your current goals and develop long- term strategies. By hiring ASI, you get a team of professionals who work in tandem on your behalf to hit the ground running and get things done.

strategic planning

Core Administrative Practices
Association Solutions is prepared to review governance, organization documents and structure, assure organization is following these practices and amend as needed. We can also identify and address compliance issues, provide best practices for policies, procedures, and protections for the Board. We can assist in preparing a budget, establishing invoicing practices, and maintain financial reports as needed. Association Solutions will review, maintain, and create all forms invoices, and letterheads.

Financial Management & Accounting
Every organization’s success is built on their financial strength and integrity. Volunteer-governed organizations face many challenges of growing revenue, funding programs, building reserves, and managing cash flow. We can help with your financial management, audits, budgeting and resource development. Association Solutions follows all GAAP guidelines and will also ensure tax filings are being conducted and retained as required.

Membership & General Management
In addition to individualized services, we can provide broad-base management of membership services, committee and board support, communications, policies and procedures, and customer service for the membership. We are well-versed in project management, planning and development, membership management with orientation communications, dues processing and database upkeep. We can also provide assistance with document retention, policies and procedures and keeping in line with the association’s bylaws. Association Solutions can act as a liaison and a central point of contact for board, membership, events, media, community and the like.

Event Management tradeshow
Annual meetings, trade shows, or conventions can be a significant revenue source. We can handle registration, financial management, event marketing, site searches, speaker and program management, sponsorship sales, contracts and full planning for all of your needs.

Grant Submittals, Management and Administration
Grants are an excellent source of non-dues revenue. Association Solutions will monitor grant funding opportunities to match your association’s needs. Once a grant has been identified, our staff will prepare, review and submit the grant application. Our staff is well-versed in providing oversight of awarded grants, including compliance, meeting deadlines, monitoring expenditures, and reporting. We are able to prepare grant budgets and financial reporting.

Strategic Planning
Association Solutions can facilitate in strategic planning sessions to make your vision a reality. Our staff can assist you in leading brainstorming sessions to share ideas, priorities and projects. Our staff will assist in identifying and implementing short and long term goals; analyzing and creating an understanding of your association’s legal structure; creating an understanding of your association’s financial condition; identifying and interpreting what is important to your membership.

Government Affairs
Association Solution’s staff has over 20 years of legislative representation experience. Our staff will represent your concerns in the General Assembly by being present for committee meetings – in and out of session. Our staff will occasionally engage members in grassroots lobbying by asking association members to contact legislators on particular issues.